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Musical Makki

After analyzing interviews and observations gathered at the Bethany Center for Seniors in San Francisco, I decided to design a game to bring generations closer together. Many elders at the center spoke passionately about their love for music and children. However, it seemed they had little contact with either. The game, Musical Makki, is meant to take the success of music based games such as DDR and translate them into a less physically intensive and more intergenerational experience. A little girl can bring this game to her grandfather’s nursing home, and bond through silliness and laughter.


Camera Project – EASE Digilux 5

For the final ID2 project, we had to design a DSLR camera. I chose to do a fun and easy to use camera for senior citizens. With a growing number of retirees, I am sure they will want to capture their memories and take up a new hobby. The design took into account the fun aspect of the product, ease of use and unique user needs. The screen is extra large for easy viewing, the interface is highly simplified, all controls are done with the thumbs (better for those with arthritis), and the grips are soft and slip proof. Hypothetically, the camera would be a Oxo and Leica collaboration called ‘EASE Digilux 5’.













The final model was carved out of foam, resined, painted, and fitted with screens/lens/buttons/grips.