Observation Project – The Mall

For my ID-1 class, we had to do an observation of the mall. Most people would assume that the primary mall ‘user’ is the consumer, but after observing, I really feel the mall is mainly used by the distributor. The whole mall concept is genius – a fun place people go to spend money. You go to the mall to be surrounded by various money suckers – food, clothes, movies, books, toys, makeup…everything! Granted, the mall needs to be pleasant in order to get people inside and stay awhile. It can’t be some nasty flea market. Anyways, I came up with a rough idea for the class. 

It is called Fashion Portal (working title):








Basically, it creatively utilizes ad space in the mall. There aren’t many free fun things to do in the mall, other than window shop. And that isn’t so much fun after a while, just depressing. Fashion Portal is an interactive structure – Two sets of screens advertise store merchandise but also provide a memorable and fun experience for shoppers. With flex screen, touch screen and digital photo technology,  shoppers can take and display a life size image of themselves on a large touch panel. They can dress their virtual selves in store merchandise (price, brand, size options, sale info would pop up) or a selection of wacky fun options. Hopefully, it’d be fun for even the most mall-phobic members of the family! I saw a lot of very bored looking dads walking around. 




The extensive collection of actual mall merchandise in the system would increase store revenue through advertising. The system would also record popular items that users “try on”, helping track trends and interests. A fun collection of backgrounds, costumes and accessories would keep shoppers amused and give parents and youngsters a chance to have some fun together. The Touch Screen interface would allow for easy sizing and placement of clothes and accessories onto a shopper’s digital image. And finally, an e-mail option would send favorite creations back to the user while providing stores with shopper information. 

My concept went over just fine with my professor, but he pointed out the loopholes in my whole idea. The technology is just too complicated. I think it is surely possible, but way too expensive to manufacture at the moment….maybe in like five years. 

The essence of ‘Fashion Portal’ is this, combining a fun interactive experience while increasing revenue for distributors. Whoever plans to purchase ‘Fashion Portal’ has to be convinced it is worth the investment. $$$$$ Isn’t that what the mall is about anyways? 


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