Trees and leaves

‘Faux Bois’ is the proper term for the tree/woods/leaves trend that has gotten popular lately. I usually think of myself as going against trends, but I am totally into this one. It doesn’t make sense either – I hate the woods, I hate camping or hiking, I hate most outdoorsy situations. I think I am attracted to the concept because it clearly represents my feelings about the woods/nature. I like the idea of nature, but I can’t actually handle being in it. I can cheat and sort of be outdoorsy by surrounding myself with all this woodsy imagery.

I own these sheets and this backpack. 



I had to make a maze for model making class recently and, for some reason, I went with leaf imagery. I could have done anything, but I chose a leaf. It is weird, right?



I really loved that whole deer/antlers/fawn trend that was going on. But I think that is fading out. For the past few years, I have been predicting a massive native american trend. All these forest friends trends are mere stepping stones leading to a ‘one with the land’ ‘colors of the wind’ aesthetic. It is about to sweep the nation, just wait and see.



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