Jewels and Baubles

Being an Industrial Design student, it can get annoying having to back up almost every design decision. Sometimes it’d be nice to just make whatever, just cause it looks nice. I know…that is what a fine artist does. And as a designer evolves, they nurture an aesthetic style which needs no reason. But, at the moment, everything still has to have some sort of utilitarian function; even a very shallow function like holding flowers or fruit can pass.

I really love jewelry though. Jewelry, inherently, is suppose to be beautiful. That is a one of its key functions – it is beautiful and meant to be worn. I love jewelry by Stephen Webster (http://www.stephenwebster.com). It is so fun and fresh and maintains a sense of whimsy. This blog post is getting a little gay, so I’ll just roll with it. Here is a necklace he made for Christina Aguilera.












It bears the name and image of her baby. It is very contemporary but at the same time, evokes the past; heart shaped lockets have been around forever. 











Another amazing thing about the locket – the drop of blood on the end of the sword encapsulates an actual drop of blood! Xtina would not reveal who’s blood is inside, but that is besides the point. I find using natural artifacts in jewelry really fascinating. Why wear something symbolizing another person when you could actually wear a part of that person. Such a concept could get out of control…I am not condoning earrings made out of a loved ones earlobes or anything (shout out to Van Gogh!). I’d design very classy and tasteful pieces which incorporate a drop of blood or strand of hair or lost tooth. I am not creepy, I swear. I just think it is an interesting concept!













Wouldn’t it be precious to have a charm bracelet commemorating your little girl’s first lost tooth? The tooth would be part of your life forever! You’d be lucky to get a quarter from the tooth fairy these days anyways, she’s come across some hard times with the economy and all.


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