People have been seeking inspiration from the natural world since the beginning of time (making it through the ice age by covering ourselves with pelts and fur). I think it is safe to say everything anyone has ever made is somehow connected to nature. After all, humans are technically “natural”. 

Anyways, I really love deriving inspiration from nature. Sometimes I feel silly because I am not particularly ‘outdoorsy’, but a lot of my designs seem that way. I guess I practice on a very rudimentary level of biomimicry. According to one of my favorite websites on the topic, asknature.org, biomimicry considers nature in three ways: model, mentor and measure. Model consists of studying natural forms, systems, processes and strategies and applying them to human solutions. Mentor is more conceptual and relates to a new way of thinking: not using nature for just its physical tangible natural resources, but what it can teach us; ideas to enhance our lives. Finally, measure means designing things that last; valuing sustainability and future generations. 

Anyways, point is I want to get more into biomimicry. I think it is fascinating and very valuable to  modern designers. 

The following is a bathroom organizer I made inspired by the pattern and symmetry of a nautilus shell. I am not consulting nature to solve major global issues or anything, but I like it.




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