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BratZ Dolls


Maybe I am just biased, but aren’t toys these days super trashy? Not all toys, just one extremely popular toy. BratZ dolls! I am shocked and appalled every time I come across them on store shelves. Barbie was pretty bad I guess: the impossible proportions and aryan looks. But BratZ take it all to some insane stripper/drag queen level.


And now they’ve come out with baby Bratz, who are basically slutty babies! It is all so unbelievable that it is genius. 


I just worry about what it does to little girls. Are they going to think wearing clown makeup and wearing as little clothes as possible is attractive? The BratZ dolls don’t even have professions like Barbie. They are just full time ho-hos. 

At least there are the ‘American girls’ dolls to balance it all out.


photographs – nighttime driving

Taken with a Sony Cybershot. New Orleans, LA 



new orleans 017




Car Alarms

Do car alarms really work? I don’t know about you, but if I were to steal something from a car, I’d break the window, grab what I wanted and run away as the car alarm blared. Though the alarm would make me rush…and actually stealing a car with the alarm going would be difficult. I guess they do work.

BUT they are super annoying. I don’t know how many times someone’s car alarm has gone off at 12am and kept honking through the night. If car doors can recognize the driver and unlock accordingly, cars with car alarms should come with a tracker on the key remote which alerts the owner when his/hers car alarm has gone off. Or to make things even more fun, the alarm could scream the owner’s name. “HONK! HONK! RAHUL! HONK!” I am sure there’ll be something like this out soon. Security is a big industry these days.

I just researched it and such a product does exist! Now only if people would use it!